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Tooth Whitening

There are many options in regards to tooth whitening, however, there are some that work better and are much more predictable than others.

The cheapest methods are over the counter products such as whitening tooth paste and whitening rinses. These methods work best after a cleaning at your dental office. They help keep teeth from picking up stain and help to maintain that just cleaned look.

Here at Hillsdale dental we feel the best way to whiten the shade of your teeth is with the use of custom whitening trays. A whitening tray is a custom made tray that fits over your upper or lower teeth. The whitening gel is placed in the tray, the tray is placed over your teeth and left to work. The time the trays are left over the teeth is based on the strength of the whitening solution. Talk to your Dentist about which strength is best for you!

Whitening Cost

Custom whitening trays cost $250 at Hillsdale Dental. This includes the custom fabricated trays, storage case, and 8 syringes of bleach (enough for about 14 days of bleaching).

Whitening Instructions

-Before placing the trays, brush your teeth thoroughly with toothpaste and a tooth brush.

-Place a drop of bleach solution into the tray in each tooth you wish to whiten (generally the front 8-10 teeth).

-Place the tray over your teeth. If any bleach solution comes out of the tray onto the gums, wipe excess bleach away with a soft wet towel and next time be sure to use less solution.

-Leave trays in place for the time suggested to you when you had your bleaching tray visit.

-Remove the trays after the given time has passed and brush your teeth again, this time just using a tooth brush and water.

Opalescence Tooth Whitening

We sell and recommend Opalescence whitening gel with our whitening trays. They have lots of good information on their website also.